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Anderson Partnership is a group of parents and staff working together to provide a better learning environment for our students. If you can volunteer in any way, we would greatly appreciate it! Our purpose is to support our children's education.
Meijer and Kroger Rewards Programs
Meijer and Kroger offers rewards to our school when our families scan their reward cards.

Please look in the "flyers folder" for directions on how to register your card and help the school earn money.

Keep in mind that the rewards our school receives does not take away from the normal rewards and points that you would normally earn.
Partnership Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2017
6 pm start meeting – 6:50 pm end meeting

ATTENDEES – 32 Total
Parents – 27, Teachers – 3 , Principals – 2

Treasurers Report
Fundraiser Team
Spirit Wear
Box Tops
Popcorn Fridays
Eagle Nights
Fifth Grade Farewell

Treasurers Report –
Budget for the year was given out to all that attended.
It was noted that $100.00 has been allotted for teachers to purchase extra items they may need. They just need to purchase the items and turn in the original receipt to Shannon for reimbursement.

Fundraising Team –
Help is needed on the Fundraising teams especially on the perishable items fundraisers because they have to be picked up on the day we receive them.
Voting took place on our Fundraisers – 30 people were yes, 2 were no.
Other possible fundraiser ideas are always welcome. One suggested was Michigan’s Greatest Fudge.

Spirit Wear –
112 orders for spirit wear were submitted.
The orders will be in at the end of September or the beginning of October.
There will be another order placed in November.

Homecoming –
Spirit week will be October 2nd through October 6th.
The Homecoming parade and football game is October 6th.
We do not have a theme yet.
We will have 4 spots available for the parade.
At this point we have 1 truck and trailer for the parade.
We are looking for parents to help decorate. It will be done onsite at 4 pm and parade starts about 5.
There was talk about getting spirit sticks beforehand.

Box Tops –
Julie would love to hand this over to someone else or at least get a helper.
Box tops are a good way to raise funds for the school. Our first push is at the end of October.
If we could get 1 parent per classroom to take this over it would be a much quicker process.

Popcorn Fridays –
Selling popcorn raises money to help support all the events done throughout the year.
We are always looking for volunteers to help out. We usually need people between 9 and 12 but whatever time people can give would help greatly.
Popcorn Days will be on the same day for both schools.
October 6th will be our first Popcorn Day.

Eagle Nights –
For all Eagle Night events whatever money is raised will be split evenly between both schools.
Our 1st Eagle Night will be a “Free Movie Night” on September 29th. Doors open at 6:30 pm at McGrath and the movies start at 7 pm. 2 movies will be shown – Boss Baby and Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Long Haul.
The movies are free but we will be selling popcorn, water and candy so if we could get volunteers that would be great. Also we will have bake items for sale if we can get any donated.
Our 2nd Eagle Night will be October 11th at Buffalo Wild Wings from 5-9 pm. You can either dine in or take out. Our schools will get 15% back on food sales. School will be sending coupons home that MUST be used in order for us to get the 15%.
Our 3rd Eagle Night will be November 9th at Rollhaven from 5:30-7:30. This is a private event for McGrath and Anderson families only (not open to the public). Flyers will be provided by Rollhaven closer to the event.
Our 4th Eagle Night will be at Culvers. We will need teachers to help serve food, etc. More information about this will come at a later date.
Other possible Eagle Nights suggested were: Mongolian BBQ, Bowling or Ice Skating.

Yearbook –
We are always looking for pictures from all classrooms events.
We have determined that we really need pictures taken with a regular camera as opposed to the camera on cell phones.
Currently Melinda Jones is heading up the Yearbook for Anderson and she is looking for someone to take it over for the 2018-2019 school year.
We need new cameras. We voted on purchasing a new one for both schools. All says yes.
Besides picture taking, we also need volunteers to help work on layouts, etc.
LifeTouch is the company our schools use.

Fifth Grade Farewell –
It was suggested that we use 4th grade students and parents as helpers so the 5th grade parents can participate instead of having to help volunteer.
There will be more information to follow later in the year.

General Notes –
When the schools host book fairs all the revenue goes back to the libraries to help purchase new books, supplies, etc.
Book fair provider is Scholastic.
It was noted by some of the parents that the 1 day trip to Mackinaw is too long of a day for the children. It was suggested to move it to 2 days. We can work on this possibility for next year because unfortunately, this year’s trip is already booked.